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Mechanical Engineering

Our services in Mechanical Engineering include:

  • Design of Metalworking Equipment Plans.
  • Mechanical Equipment Design.
  • Advisory services in the production of tanks, kettles, mixers and other equipment.
  • Design Hydraulic networks such as steam networks, sewage, rainwater, cold and hot water.
  • Design and Inspection of the power supply for equipment that requires some of the following facilities: Oil free air, Vacuum, Ultrapure water, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Mechanical extraction.
  • Design of Medical Gas Networks such as: oxygen, medical air and vacuum.
  • Design and Inspection of piping systems, ventilation systems and air conditioning for buildings.
  • Drainage of sewage and rainwater.
  • Hydropneumatic systems.
  • Air conditioning systems and forced ventilation.
  • Design of active and passive fire systems.
  • Design of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration chambers.
  • Design of mechanical systems for Radiotherapy Bunker, Brachytherapy, Linear Accelerators.