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Educational Infrastructure

Information obtained from the Website of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP): http://diee.mep.go.cr/licitaciones/contrataciones

Type of Contracting: It is the modality determined by the administration, in order to obtain consultancy services and / or construction of public works.

Constructive Plans: Set of graphic documents that define the character and purpose of the works, and that include aspects of architectural design, structural and facilities.

Technical Specifications: Written documents in which the standards, requirements and procedures to be used and applied in all construction work are defined.

General Conditions: Technical, legal and financial requirements that a bidder must comply with when participating in administrative contracting processes.

Particular Conditions: Essential elements (term of execution, list of quantities, contractual object) specific to each project to be contracted; as well as, the name of the contracting board and other specific requirements of the contract.

Clarifications: Explanations or answers to doubts; as well as, corrections or modifications that are presented in relation to the general conditions, particular conditions, construction plans and technical specifications; in an administrative contracting process.

Opening: It is the date and time scheduled for the reception of the offers, of a specific project.